Gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy is more a way of living, than just a form of therapy. To live mindful and aware, in good contact with ourselves, our needs and our true nature and also in good contact with the people surrounding us; family, friends, loved one, coworkers is a quality you can learn and improve at.

Whatever your reason is to seek therapy, coaching or just a sounding board, my approach is not that different. Your natural equilibrium needs to be restored, and we do this together.

Know your way out

Short Booster Therapy

Sometimes it is easy to lose your stride a little bit. Maybe it is not that hard to get back on track - together with your Gestalt coach in one to maximum three sessions!

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Plaatje van een vrouw die je meeneemt

Individual Gestalttherapy

I will explore with you how to bring your passions and dreams to the here and now, where you can make decisions to change your life to reflect your true self and become more happy and energetic. 

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Preventative Relationship Therapy

Often we go in relationship therapy as a last resort. Why not come together and build strong foundations, learn how to communicate well and honestly and create a happy fulfilling relationship, together. 

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Plan our first session!

Reach out to me so we can plan our first session!


In Gestalt therapy we make a process oriented diagnosis. Of course a Gestalt therapist knows the regular way to diagnose and is able to communicate well with mainstream therapies. However we believe firmly that people change and learn end develop. Life is a continuous process. There is not one way to be or one moment to pinpoint after which we don't change anymore. I will regularly make a new diagnosis. 

Bodily consciousness

We tend to believe that we are our thoughts. However we are a complex system of hormones, energy, inner and outer senses, memories, conscious and subconscious knowledge. The way to our wisdom is by experiencing it in the here and now. 

When you learn to interpret the signals that our system gives us, you open up a wealth of wisdom and we find our compass. This is how we know what we want, and in which direction we want to learn and develop. 

As a therapist I have been trained and training still everyday to watch and see and interpret, but mainly mirror the signals your system sends, to me, in our therapeutic contact. I will share my findings and experience and this is how you get to know the language of your system better in every session.


Gestalt therapy is also called the 'therapy of contact'. I see and experience how you make contact with me, or how you avoid it, and when and how. This is most probably exemplary of how you reach out, or not, to the world in daily life. Together we create a safe space where you can practice to become better at feeling, defining and reaching your personal goals in life.